Admission Criteria & Procedure

  • Names of those seeking admission to the school are registered on completion of the Registration Form. Admissions to Nursery are done in Dec./Jan.
  • Admissions in other classes are done in April subject to availability of seats after a comprehensive admission Test. Some vacancies are filled in the month of July.
  • Pupils are not admitted to particular class until they have been tested; and the school reserves the right to admit them, only to those classes for which they have been found fit. Names of the students seeking admission to National Public School will be registered on the days notified by the school.

*Admission will be granted only when the child is found eligible after the entrance test. Admission test will be of the level of Annual Examination of the class preceding that to which admission is sought.

*At the time of admission a student must process the following:-

  • Transfer Certificate of previous school.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate from our school doctor.

The minimum age for admission is 3 Years for L.K.G.

Admission of the student may be cancelled on the following grounds

  • Non-Payment of the school dues up to the last date of the month.
  • Those whose behavior and conduct in the option of the Principal, is unfavourable to the interest of the school.
  • Irregular attendance without substantial reason and permission.
  • Shortfall of attendance below 80% of total attendance.
  • Inability of the student to pursue the studies and irregularity in submission of home tasks.
  • Unwanted behavior of the parents of the students with the teacher, Principal and other officials of the school.
  • Indiscipline of any manner. In case of damage to the property of the school , Parents will have to pay the double of total cost.