Summer Uniform

  • FOR BOYS – White Shirt, Grey Colour Pant, Belt, Tie, Grey Socks, Black Shoes. (On Wednesday) House T-Shirt, White Pant, Belt, White Socks & White Shoes.
  • For GIRLS – White Blouse and Grey Colour Skirt, Tie, Belt, Grey Socks and Black Shoes. (On Wednesday) House T-Shirt, White Skirts, Belt, White Socks, and White Shoes.

Winter Uniform

  • Winter Uniform is same for boys and girls both as Summer Uniform including Navy Blue Pullover and Navy Blue Blazer with School monogram & Grey Woollen Socks.

Note : For Girls the prescribed length of uniform Skirts is that it should cover the knees. Skirts must be neither shorter nor longer than prescribed.


  • Parents are asked to notify the school beforehand, if children are required to leave the school during the day.
  • Children’s attendance is monitored carefully by the school and home visits are made by the Education Welfare Officer in the event of long term unexplained absences.
  • All pupils are expected to arrive punctually at school and leave promptly at the end of the school day.
  • Absences should be explained to the school through personal contact a note or a telephone call.
  • Attendance Information for recent academic year Annual Governors report to Parents.