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National Public School

National Public School
National Public School
National Public School,Sahibabad
National Public School,Sahibabad

Principal's Message

Principle Message

Dear Students,

National Public School has been conceived with the vision to harness excellence. From its inception, the school has provided students with abundant resources and best teachers along with the most innovative curriculum and a conductive environment to broaden your horizons and polish your talents. We intend to play a note-worthy role in shaping the future of our "Motherland" by sending from our portal – well balanced, sensitive, sensible and responsible individuals who all the shining examples of mental agility and social consciousness with a sublime sense of spiritually. We have a glorious tradition of imparting "Child-centered" and "Value-based education".

I, as an academician, aim to inculcate academic honesty, moral awareness, discipline and a sense of belongingness in you all. I am confident that when given right guidance and encouragement, you will be able to imbibe the zeal and zest to succeed and a strong desire to excel. Hard work, perseverance and dedication towards your goals will surely make you successful in life.

I believe – "What lies behind us and what lies before us is small compared to what lies with in us".

Together for us, sky is the limit!

We shall always be inspired by the thoughts of our respected Late Chairman Sir. We pledge our devotion to make his dreams come true.
With blessings